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Spotty Pad

1.5 usd

Spotty Pad games for young children was inspired by Mr Tumble’s Tumble Tap device, which features on the BBC CBeebies television channel. It is legally different. The Tumble Tap does not do anything that Spotty Pad does.Spotty Pad consists of eight games for young children. The first – Photo Show – is suitable for children of pre-reading age. It displays a photo and plays a music clip. It uses your device’s text to speech engine (we recommend the Google text to speech engine, free on Google Play) to read out the text of the photo to reinforce what everyday (mostly) images are called. You can your own images, too.
The remaining games require a degree of understanding of words.In Word Tap, the child is given an image and two words – one correct and one incorrect. The child needs to tap the correct word to score a point.
In other games, the child needs to know the names of colours or shapes and in the classic “I spy with my little eye” the child needs to be able to tap on the correct image from a choice of three.
Chaser, Super Chaser and Duplicator are increasingly difficult games with moving circles.
In the free trial version of Spotty Pad, each game can only be played five times.
For full details of what Spotty Pad does and doesn’t do, see the PDF guide at